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AlphaBio is developing a strong portfolio of products that will provide growers with effective solutions for each stage of the crop production cycle. The company has also developed a proprietary R&D platform leading to the discovery and development of a number of innovative products.


Branded as either Ciopper™ or Flipper™, this is a modern (green) insecticide/acaracide that provides fast acting, lasting and persistent control of pest infestations.

It provides effective control of eggs, larvae and adults, with levels of efficacy directly comparable to conventional market standards.

Ciopper™/Flipper™ controls a broad spectrum of sucking pests including aphids, whitefly, thrips, mites, psylla, leafhoppers and scale.

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Branded as Despatch, this is a fast acting burn-down herbicide whose effect is very apparent within hours.

It's an effective bio herbicide with multiple sector use opportunities.

Developed for field scale agricultural and amenity applications, Despatch controls a broad spectrum of annual grasses and weeds.

It also controls suckers on fruit trees and vines and can be used as a pre-harvest desiccant in potatoes.

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Following a lengthy period of collaborative working with two academic institutions, AlphaBio has recently confirmed the successful development of two fungicide products for which patent applications have been filed.

Deriving from different technologies, the two products have been subjected to extensive field testing and have shown levels of control that are at least equal to the conventional market standards.

Both products have a curative and blocking action.

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Additional Products

AlphaBio’s R&D platform technology has led to the development of a pipeline of additional products within a number of different classifications.

These include nematicide, plant growth promoter and soil sterilant amongst many others.

All have been subject to field testing with promising results and are now entering the company’s development pipeline.

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