What We Do

We deliver effective low impact crop protection solutions through innovations derived from forward edge developments in the science of natural chemistry and biology.


AlphaBio Control is committed to finding solutions from the natural world for safer agricultural products without further damaging the natural environment.

Green Technology

Our Products

FLiPPER®’s natural chemistry gives effective, reliable results throughout the entire lifecycle.

Product info

FLiPPER® controls Thrips, Whitefly, Mites, Aphids and Mealy Bugs in fruiting vegetables without damage to beneficial insect and pollinator populations.

Fruiting Vegetables

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We’ve just visited Orchidea Frutta, Cassano Murge, Italy where they’ve conducted trials of FLiPPER on a variety of grapes including Italia and Autumn Crisp for thrip and empoasca control at different growth stages #beefriendly #bioinsecticide #environmentfriendly #organic pic.twitter.com/bROyuInFby

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