Who We Are

AlphaBio is a British/Italian company registered in the UK. Its headquarters are in Cambridge and its principal commercial office is in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia.

The company operates at the forefront of agricultural science in developing and commercialising effective, sustainable crop protection solutions, providing growers with the products they need to meet the challenging requirements of today’s rapidly evolving food production environment.

AlphaBio has developed a full portfolio of products originating from discoveries made in the area of science at the convergence of natural chemistry and microbiology.


Our Team

The significant agri-business industry experience and complementary skills of our senior executives combine to provide the necessary depth and high quality experience required to ensure success.


Iain Fleming – Co-founder and Chief Executive

Iain previously worked in private equity investment focussed on large scale agricultural businesses, in diverse geographies. During this time his awareness of the impact of contemporary production systems on soil and water quality as well as insect life made him realise the pressing importance of developing more sustainable ways of producing high quality crops without a negative impact on the natural environment.

Under Iain’s leadership, AlphaBio has maintained the strong principles of building the company and its products from a strong scientific base, supporting every claim and statement with robust data and ensuring the correct regulatory approvals processes are followed diligently.


Dr Alfeo Vecchi – Co-founder and Research Director

Alfeo is an agricultural scientist whose formative training was at the University of Bologna, Italy, with which he retains a strong research and development connection. His career has seen him involved in the development of a broad range of important agricultural technologies in Europe, Africa and the US with a number of multinational organisations including Monsanto, Mycogen and Agrigenetics.

For the past 30 years Alfeo’s focus has been on the natural world as the source of future technologies and, working with colleagues at various academic institutes, he has developed a range of technologies derived from the natural world and which are categorised within the three pillars of natural chemistry, microbiology and hybrid technology.


Guido Maffioli – Director Regulatory Affairs & Technical Development

With a Degree in Agricultural Sciences and a PhD in Ecology of Agriculture, Guido has published scientific papers on agriculture, new technology, and crop protection products risk assessment. His career has included working for Pioneer Hi-Bred Italia, Monsanto Agricoltura Italia and EuroChem Agro.


Our Mission

AlphaBio’s ambition is to establish itself as a leader in the development and commercialisation of crop protection solutions derived from natural sources; providing growers with effective and sustainable solutions for each stage of the crop production cycle.

AlphaBio has established a product development programme that is structured to develop products that are targeted to meet contemporary grower needs. Each product must demonstrate efficacy that is comparable to the relevant market standards; it must be cost-competitive, capable of being positioned for use in conventional crop production systems; and must have a benign impact on the natural environment.



AlphaBio believes in the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Its corporate philosophy is focused on the development of effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions for agriculture.

The company is an adherent of the Triple Bottom Line reporting philosophy – the three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet and Profitability. AlphaBio firmly believes that this will assist in the development of a truly sustainable agricultural model that improves food quality and increases productivity yet reduces its impact.

Strong and lasting relationships are core to the success of any venture and these can only be sustained where a culture of sound integrity is fundamental to the values of all participants.



AlphaBio has established a number of collaborative ventures with leading academic institutions, individuals and industry bodies both nationally and internationally.

The company has an open innovation approach aiming to facilitate technology transfer from universities and research centres to the farming industry through AlphaBio.

We welcome the formation of strategic alliances and joint development agreements which deliver mutual benefit through interesting and exciting opportunities.


Quality Control

Working with products of natural origination demands the application of the most stringent quality control systems at all stages of our production processes.

Raw materials are procured from sustainable resources with the supply chain management a subject of constant review.

The relevant ISO Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems are in place to ensure the most exacting standards are achieved and replicated at each stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each batch meets the defined quality standards demanded by the company.